Difficulty In Configuring ePrint

Configuration of EPrint services on your HP Officejet Pro models requires detailed attention in many aspects, failing which there is difficulty faced with the EPrint configuration. We have attempted to list down the various possibilities where you may encounter chances of not getting the EPrint configuration right.

Ensure that your printer model meets with the standard requirements put forth for EPrint. EPrint is not possible, if these criteria fall short. Watch out for these tips:

  • Check to see if logo is available in the control panel. If the logo forthis service is not available, you can also check with the wireless settings under Web services setup to locate the menu of web services.
  • The connectivity aspects will also have to be checked for configuration. If you are using an Ethernet connection, check if the green light is steady, and if the orange lights blink when connected. If you are opting for wireless mode, see if the wireless feature is on and the same network is used for connecting the PC and the printer.
  • Check if web services are turned on
  • Check if firmware updates are turned on
  • When you print the information page and you happen to face a delay, try switching off the web services and then switch on.

By following the above points, you can safely configure EPrintservices.

When you are giving your print command through the EPrint service, it is necessary to review these pointsfor HP Officejet Pro models.

  • Ensure that the size of the attachments is less than 10 Mb, and take note not to attach more than 10 attachments in a single job.
  • If you are opting to print photos, it is better to check if the horizontal and vertical sizes amount to 100 pixels or higher.Also, only certain type of photo file format is supported by HP EPrint.

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