OfficejetPro Wireless Printer Setup

If you own a HP Officejet Pro model and wonder how to configure wireless settings for your printer, we have formed a list of simple process steps so as to easily configure wireless settings for you to enjoy your printing experience with HP Officejet Pro. Wireless setups may confuse people and majority of users do face issues in certain technical areas which require clarification.

  • Before any attempt is made to connect the printer to the available network, understand the network details like the name, internet access credentials etc.
  • The same network used for connecting the pc and laptops are to be used for connecting the printer devices as well.
  • When the wireless option is chosen, remove any USB or ethernet connectivity from the device.
  • The wireless option will have to be chosen from the control panel.
  • For the wireless option to run smoothly, check for the latest printer software. The latest updated software is available in the manufacturer website. Choose the right printer model of HP Officejet Pro, and download the driver software.
  • Once the drivers are downloaded, update the installation process.
  • If you have already installed device using ethernet and want to shift to wireless mode, choose device settings from control panel. By clicking on the icon, try removing the device and disconnecting the cable.
  • Once this step is over, follow the steps as required for setting a new wireless printer setting.


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