OfficejetPro Google Cloud Print Setup

Google Cloud Print is a very effective service which enables users to print documents from any connected device to your HP Officejetpro. The biggest advantage of such services is that there is no need to download any driver software to use the Cloud print services.

How to use Google Cloud Print Service?

For using the Cloud Print Services, it is essential to register the printer device with google cloud print.

What requirements do you need to use Google Cloud Print Service?

  • A google account
  • A HP Officejetpro printer which is compliant with Google Cloud Print and which is connected to the same network.

How to use Google Cloud Print?

Before the print command is given, you will have to sign in to your google account. Google Cloud print is present in the settings, and by using the manage option, it becomes very easy for the Google Cloud Print to recognise the printer devices. If this is the first time you are using this technique, you will have to register for such device to commence the printing commands.

If the device is already registered, you are likely to find the device under the option “my devices”.In case you find your printer device not listed, check if the printer is connected in the first place to commence the print job.

How to Print from your PC?

The first activity is to sign into the Google account, from where Cloud print becomes accessible. The document which is required to be printed should be opened in the cloud print and can be given for print.

How to Print an Email or Web Page?

Sign in to your Google account, and open the email or web page you wish to print. The chrome menu option houses the print option. After selecting a destination, go ahead to print the document.

Google cloud print is one of the most widely used printing technique, as it is very simple and easy process. However, users do find certain difficulties as they find themselves in need of clarifications. We have attempted to list down a few points which might be useful for your clarifications.

  • Google Cloud Printer can be shared with other users. The person you intend to share should be specified in the email address column, as Google cloud print also accepts jobs from email addresses.
  • Even if your HP OfficeJetpro printer model doesn’t contain ePrint facility, it can still use Google Cloud Print.


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