OfficejetPro Printer Airprint Setup

AirPrint is definitely a revolutionary printing solution for IOS operating systems. When you want to print a document from Apple iPad or iPhones to your device, AirPrint is used.

AirPrint facility will need to meet certain criteria for your iOS models before you decide to opt for AirPrint.

Check these requirements for using AirPrint

  • The operating versions should be at least iOS 4.2 or later versions.
  • Does your device model support the AirPrint services? Check if your HP Officejet Pro models support AirPrint facility.
  • An active internet facility is required for connection and the same internet facility should be used for connecting both the printer and the iOS device.

How to Set the AirPrint facility

  • The device and the printer must be connected by wireless mode or direct connection of WIFI option.
  • The iOS device has to be connected to the network. If your printer model of HP Officejet Pro contains a control panel display, you can choose the wireless setup wizard from the control panel display.

What to do when you face issues with your AirPrint?

You can use these tips when you encounter any problems with your AirPrint.

  • Ensure that the printer is turned on. It is definitely a good advice to turn the printer off, for few minutes before trying to give a print.
  • Check if the device is wirelessly connected to the device
  • Check for the latest firmware updates
  • Check the paper tray quantity
  • Check for any error message which are displayed

How do you find AirPrint to be different from HP Print?

AirPrint prints documents from the apps which are downloaded in your iOS device to the HP Officejet pro Printer, whereas the ePrinting is a web based free facility which allows you to print from any mobile device with email facilities.

You can even print from your iOS device through mobile printing apps which can be downloaded from the apple store. In such a case, AirPrint need not be used. It might even be worthwhile to know about the Print settings available with AirPrint, so you can make a better choice. It is to be noted that these settings vary based on your iOS device and the printer model which is used. Generally, AirPrint does not support varied paper sizes. The size of the paper is actually selected based on the app which is used.


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