OfficejetPro Printer eprint Setup

Being one of the easiest way of printing with an internet facility, ePrint is undoubtedly the most favoured technique of printing by sending the documents to the printer from any device. However, ePrint facility is not available on all models. It is wise to check for certain criteria for your model before you decide to opt for ePrint.

Get the check on the requirements

  • Does your device support the ePrint facility? It is essential to check on it through the logo which appears on the device. The Web services can also be used for finding if your model of HP Officejet Pro contains such EPrint facility.
  • An active internet facility is required for connection. If you are using ethernet, do ensure that the cable lights are active. Alternatively, check for the wireless feature when you use wireless mode in your HP Officejet Pro.
  • Know about the Web Services

  • Web Services lets your device communicate to the internet through printing services which are web based so as to easily connect from anywhere to print. The Web services function must be made enabled for the purpose of using this ePrint facility.
  • Use the ePrint services by giving the print commands from any machine such as computer or laptop or smart phones to your printer device. The print jobs which you give cannot exceed attachments of 10MB. Also take note to ensure that you don’t give more than 10 attachments on a single print order.
  • Which File Format is supported by ePrint?

    Certain file formats are supported,which are:

    • text (.txt),
    • PDF,
    • HTML,
    • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx),
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx), and
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx).

    When you print photos, ensure that they have both sides vertical and horizontal resolution of 100 pixels and higher. Take note that certificates which are digitally signed, or which are encrypted including password protected documents cannot be supported by ePrint services.

    How to Print from Computer or Smart phone?

    If you want to Print a document from laptop or PC, send an email from the device to the email address of the printer. For printing through ePrint, a mere sign up of an account is enough to use this facility.


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