OfficejetPro Printer Ink Cartridge Jam

How would you know if you are experiencing carriage jam?

When the machine stops printing unexpectedly, or does not do its print job, it faces cartridge jam more commonly known as carriage jam.

  • The first step to clear any jamming issue would be, is to do the simple task of switching off the machine and removing the cord. After a gap of few minutes, try printing a self-test report. If the issue still remains to be solved, it is essential to check the machine for jammed paper.
  • Once the paper jam activity check is done, ensure that the carriages are not stuck and can operate with ease. From the carriage access door, check the carriages to see if any object is causing any restrictions for the carriages to work smoothly, by trying to move the carriages manually. Once this step is checked, get a report printed to check if the issue is solved.
  • One of the most important causes of carriages jam are improper placements of print heads. Removing and Reinstalling the print heads might do the trick. While installing again, ensure that there is no paper debris stuck causing any obstruction.
  • It would also be prudent to check if the power source is working. Try plugging the machine to an electric outlet directly.
  • A Printer reset clears most of the confusion. Unplug and plug back the power cord after few minutes. Print a test report to find if issue is solved.


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