OffficejetPro Printer Paper Feed Problem

Paper Jamming or Paper Feed errors are commonly encountered among all printer brands. We have come with an easy technique how to treat Paper jams and feeds problems which you may face with your HP Officejet Pro models.

How to clear a Paper Jam?

  • Switch off the machine and try disconnecting the cord for few minutes. Open the rear door which houses the pressure rollers and check if they are maintained neatly. If you find these rollers to be dirty, clean them by moistening them slightly with water.
  • Try removing the jammed paper from the rear door. You can also remove the jammed paper from the front access.
  • Check to see if any input has been damaged or crumpled, which might also lead to paper jam.
  • After power reconnection, give a trial print to check if the issue still exists. In case you still find them jamming, disconnect the cord and empty the tray.
  • Search the cartridge access section, which contains small metal pressures. Check these metal pressures to see if any paper debris is stuck.
  • After clearing, load the paper into the tray and give a trial print.

If you find the problem to your HP Officejet Pro still existing, you could search for resources to help you with solving this issue. It is not an easy task to solve paper jamming by self, hence expert care is required if you find yourself facing these issues even after trying the above methods.

How do you recognise if you are faced with a Paper Jam situation?

    Some of the instances that indicate feeder problems:

  • When the print output tray is filled to brim
  • Appropriate paper sizes for print are not followed
  • When the paper is not properly loaded into the tray
  • When paper appears to be dented or torn
  • When different quality papers are loaded into the tray simultaneously


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