OfficejetPro Printer Setup For Windows

  • The Printer setup is a very easy process for windows operating system. The printer drivers shall be recognised for each windows version. These printer drivers are available in the manufacturer website.
  • Though the process can be simple, it still brings out some technical issues which may require some expert guidance to help users to tide over the situation.
  • Always keep a check whether the windows update is automatically turned on. You can keep the automatic option from the device installation settings.
  • The printer has to be connected to the same network which is used for connecting the machine as well. While you can use a USB to connect, the Wireless and the Wi-Fi connection options are most preferred.
  • While installing the printer driver, a print wizard can also be added.
  • The inbuilt wizard is usually maintained in device and printers. Adding a printer is very simple. Check if the windows update is on and always choose it as automatic option.
  • If you want to print using inbuilt driver, you can choose the print job from the print menu. There are two options, which can be used either through a desktop or start app.
  • If you want to add a printer and you are unable to add the printer, in such a case you might encounter an error which might display error message.
  • If you are looking forward to fax with the inbuilt driver, you can fax only when your HP OfficejetPro supports printing. It is essential to check the ink levels for the driver, and you can check the ink level indicators from the control panel.
  • Many users find difficulty in solving their wireless connectivity issues while downloading the printer drivers.
  • Few techniques like confirming the printer connection, checking the placement of the router and the device, router settings, firewall settings and IP address can be checked.
  • Only few HP Printer OfficejetPro models contain faxing facility, in which you might face some issues. If you face issues with your HP Officejet Pro models, you can consult with us for guidance.


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