OfficejetPro Printer Setup For Smartphones

  • Printing from smartphones are quite an easy task, as the requirements of this process will require creating a link from the android device to the Printer. The Printer hardware is required to be updated.
  • The network credentials should also be used for connecting both the android device and the printers. The Printer Plugin should be enabled for the purpose for printing documents, or emails or web pages.
  • Not all the Printer models support plugins, hence check if your HP Officejet Pro supports plugins. The Plugins should be updated from the google play store.
  • Sometimes, users do find difficulty in connecting the device and completing the print job. These are usually due to reasons like connection issue, or an app that does not support mobile printing.
  • Resetting and clearing Spooler cache is essential to have a smooth print experience with HP Officejet Pro.
  • Spooler is available from system apps. Not all file formats are used for such printing, only certain restricted formats like HTML, PEG, Microsoft Office files, PDF, PNG and TXT are used.
  • For smartphone printing, you can use USB cable to print from android device, however the printer has to be connected via wireless connection.
  • The usual errors which users face are paper jams, Door opening error, and paper stock out. It is recommended that you use the HP Printer remote app, because it helps in solving any technical issues and comes handy to users.
  • The Service Plugin enables printing from your Android device to your printer over a Wi-Fi network, or using the Wi-Fi Direct connection for printers that support this connection type.
  • Sometimes, the printer shall be greyed or unlisted while selection. In such a case, to select the printer, you can try print spooler. Clear the cache, and check the print screen.

Why is Smartphone Printing most preferred?

  • Today’s smart phones and tablets contain all the files, and with the internet access available, emailing the files from smartphone or using a cloud print for print jobs using wireless printing apps is quick and easy.
  • Though the prospect of smartphone printing is very much used by users, there are times when users are obscured with smartphone printing, hence our guidance resources are here to help you if you ever face such situations.


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