OfficejetPro Printer Slow To Print

When you experience print speeds lower than the standard criteria, it is a sure sign of prolonged or time-consuming printing error. We list the following tips for you to use such as machine reset, driver settings and updating software help which can help you to solve this error for your HP Officejet Pro.

How to Reset the Machine?

  • Keep the machine turned on and while it is kept turned on, remove the cord.
  • After few minutes, when you plug back the power cord, switch on the machine and wait till it reaches idle and the silent stage post warming up.
  • Give a trial print to see if the machine reset has solved the issue.

How do you check driver settings?

It is better to use normal paper and quality which is equivalent to Draft to have inherent normal printing speeds.

  • From the icon of Device and Printers, click on the printer icon
  • Choose the Preferences set option which will enable you to find details about the type of paper that is used for printing
  • Always ensure that the plain quality is selected and Draft stage is selected from the quality settings.
  • How do we uninstall the drivers?

    Uninstalling can be done from Programs and Features. After uninstallation, when you install the driver again, the latest update is downloaded which is essential for your printer machine.

  • Disconnect any cord connecting the printer and the PC.
  • Select the uninstall option from program features
  • Restart the machine
  • Install new drivers.
  • Give a trial print to see if issue persists.
  • How do you check the network status?

    Slow connectivity also plays an important factor for slowing down the printing process of HP Officejet Pro. It is essential to check the wireless signal strength. If you find the speed to be low, ensure that the device and modem are placed nearer. In case, ethernet is used for connecting, ensure that connection is secure.


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