OfficejetPro Printer Windows 10 Support

  • When you are installing HP printer drivers for your Windows 10, it is simple and easy as windows is used majorly by most users.
  • There are detailed instructions for users to configure such instalment activity in their devices. We at our guidance centre are always available to share our knowledge and expertise to help you through this process.
  • Users should confirm if their Windows 10 versions of PC or devices support their Printers models.
  • Every printer model contains separate printer drivers; hence the right printer model has to be chosen before the drivers are installed. Very few models contain the Windows 10 Mobile support.
  • Full featured drivers are available in the manufacturer website, under the download section for HP Officejet Pro printers.
  • There is another way to download the drivers, which is through the HP Easy start application. Once the downloading activity is completed, navigate to the download folders to access the downloaded file.
  • Choose the installer, when the option to choose between wireless or USB is asked. Finally, when the option to add a printer is presented, add the printer and finish the printer driver installation.

What are the types of Printer drivers for Windows 10

  • It is known fact that every printer of HP Officejet Pro model houses different type of drivers. Few models house multiple driver choices which is actually based on type of connection.
  • Generally, all downloads or updates are made from the manufacturer site for HP Officejet Pro.
  • Custom made drivers are generally fitted for printers which support PCL6. Most of these printer drivers contain advanced software which allows users to print with basic and scanning features.
  • With a view to make printing in an easily managed atmosphere, few drivers come without extra software or installer. Such users opt for Universal Printer Driver.
  • It is essential to keep updating your Windows operating system as well. Only when the operating system is updated, the driver updates done for printer will be efficient.
  • The inbuilt drivers provide only the basic features of software.
  • Whenever the windows update is on, it also installs the driver updates. Ensure that the machine doesn’t restrict such an update of drivers.
  • The Universal print driver is usually recommended for general office application.


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